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Ayurveda: This ancient medical system from India is perhaps the most complete holistic system we have today. Believed to have been gifted to humanity by the devas (celestial beings), it lays as important an emphasis on prevention and maintenance as it does on reversal and eradication of diseased states.

Yoga: While we know yoga today as beneficial for the integrative health of body, mind and spirit, it was originally conceived as the ultimate pathway to enlightenment. As such, its effects are as much psychological as they are physical.

Yoga Therapy: Known as cikitsa, yoga therapy is the application of the practices and principals of yoga in an individual or group setting for the purposes of correcting specific or general imbalances. It requires training in understanding diagnosis and applying yoga as therapy.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: Application of Āyurvedic Principles to the practice and principles of Yoga based on the Āyurvedic understanding of the nature of patient, the nature of imbalance and the nature of therapies, to promote healing and achieve a harmonious state of body and mind with respect to individual consciousness.

Ayurvedic Yoga Counseling: Ayurveda defines three pathways for dealing with the Mind. One is the application of clinical processes such as herbs and treatments. The second is understanding the ‘ghosts’ we carry and coming to terms with them. The third is to achieve victory over the enemies of the mind by the use of the allies of the mind. In this manner, using the modern model of one hour sessions on a regular basis, we apply these principals as appropriate.

Pancakarma: This “jewel in the crown” of Ayurveda is based on the unique concept of detoxification and rejuvenation as the ultimate tools for maintenance of health as well as prevention and reversal of disease. Its five (panca) therapies are coupled with oil treatments and herbal steam to gently gather and remove metabolic wastes and toxins from the body and mind, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and vibrant. NO LONGER OFFERED. YOU WILL BE REFERRED TO A TRUSTED PRACTITIONER WITH FULL GUIDANCE ON PROTOCOL.

Bhāvane Technique: A unique 5 hour treatment that blends yoga and Ayurveda practices in a potent formula for improving emotional intelligence. This innovative treatment based on traditional practices is Mr. Deva’s own creation and has already had tremendous success in its trail period of two years. It is now being offered on a case by case basis to those who qualify. ON PAUSE.

Arun Deva, DASc, AYT, E-RYT(500), C-IAYT, YTRx is a graduate of the American Institute Of Ayurveda; Ayurvedic Practitioner (NAMA), Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist (NAMA), Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and a Vinyasa Krama certified yoga teacher (E-RYT500). The founder of Arunachala Yoga & Ayurveda, Arun has the pleasure of serving both the National & State Ayurvedic Associations: NAMA & CAAM for over 15 years.  Currently he heads NAMA’s Committee for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. Arun teaches internationally, lectures at Conferences, writes articles for different publications, has been featured on both radio and television and has a clinic for consultations and various treatments including pancakarma and yoga therapy in Los Angeles/West Hollywood. He also teaches the Ayurveda and Yoga modules for many Teacher Training Programs around the world and is Director of Ayurveda at LMU’s YTRX Program. Arun has often presented at both the NAMA and SYTAR Conferences. Born in India, where he began his studies as a child, Arun has made his home in Los Angeles since 1977.

SEVA (Services)

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Initial Consultation: $200 (1.5hrs) PANDEMIC PRICE: $185
Follow Up Consultation : $125 (45 minutes) $150 (60 minutes)* PANDEMIC PRICES: $108 & $130
Pancakarma**: 5 & 7 day programs: * NO LONGER BEING OFFERED
Bliss Treatment**: $350* ON PAUSE
Bhāvane Technique: $600* ON PAUSE
One on One Yoga: $108 per hour* ONLINE $80
Yoga Therapy Sessions: $150 per hour* ONLINE $125
Ayurvedic Yoga Counseling: Single Session: $150. Purchase 3 sessions and save $10 per session. Purchase 5 sessions and save $20 per session*. ONLINE ONLY.

*all except Initial Consults are available on a sliding scale where found applicable.

**Both pancakarma and Bliss include (as needed): Abhyanga, Nasya, Karna Purana, Marma & Shirodhara
Abhyanga: warm herbalized oil is synchronously massaged into the body, creating a deep state of relaxation and allowing for deep cleansing.
Nasya: Oiling of the nose, which is the pathway to the senses. Helps with all upper respiratory functions.
Karna Purna: Oiling of the ears.
Shirodhara: Warm herbalized oil is rhythmically poured across the forehead in a steady stream. Said to help with all neurological and psychosomatic issues.
Marma Cikitsa: The energy points of the body, marmas can activate the flow of blocked energy. In this treatment we focus mainly on the marmani of the face.
Bliss Treatment: A 2.5hrs treatment, it acts as an excellent rejuvenative.

Contact at adretreats@gmail.com


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**Prices subject to change without notice.

8 thoughts on “About My Services

  1. Hello,

    My sister lives in Encino. She has been ill for some time and her doctor’s cannot seem to help her. I am wondering if Ayurveda may be able to offer her some relief.

    Please contact me to let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you,


  2. My wife has a foot pain everyday from last three to four years, and have seen few foot doctors and Orthopedic but no help, if you can advise us how and what to do for the right treatment. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks. – Kumar Sheth – 5-11-10

  3. I had visited LA a couple years ago when you recommended and I are Vedic clinic in India we will be in Carolina and December which ones do you recommend at this point?

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  5. I have osteoporosis and cannot use typical medical treatment. I am looking for an alternative treatment. Can you help?

  6. Dear Arun,

    I am a friend of your neighbor Jennifer and she gave me your contact info.
    I’d like to ask you, if you can help a young woman who has a nervous tick and would love to eliminate it.
    Please let me know, many thanks,

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