Shortly after my 35th B-DAY, I found myself feeling sluggish, and suffering horrible allergies, and skin rashes. After years of antibiotics, birth control pills, system-suppressing steroids (to deal w/ my allergies), my system felt totally out of balance, and I Iacked energy. I had tried “Traditional Western Medicine”, but It did nothing to improve my condition. I knew I needed a complete change, and that my system needed to Detox. After consulting, Arun, he put me on a special diet and program specific to my needs. After the first week, I noticed that my skin had stopped breaking out, and my energy was starting to return. After the second week, people started noticing I was losing weight, and that I looked years younger. The program requires a real commitment, and you should be prepared to treat the process and your body with the respect it deserves. Your body will reward you.

Mika Jones

The depth of Arun’s knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga is staggering, as was his ability to diagnose and treat the imbalances within me. After working with Arun, I discovered a deeper part of myself that was healthier, happier and more centered. He is a gifted healer and the breadth of his knowledge and skill is only matched by the compassion that he brings to his work.

Greg Flynn
Shanti Coaching

Pancha Karma
This experience is one of a kind. Not only did I feel like a new person, but also everyone around me said I was glowing! The week of my PK gave me a much-needed break from work and all the stresses of everyday life. It was a cleanse for my body, mind and soul. When I finished I felt happy and alive.

Private Yoga
What I love about Arun’s private yoga sessions is the fact that every week is tailored to what’s happening in my life. We can focus on specific aches and pains or concentrate on a yoga practice to calm my mind. Practicing with such a wonderful teacher like Arun showed me what amazing therapy yoga is for your body and your sanity! Every session, I walk out feeling better than when I walked in.

Danielle White

Hello Arun,
It was lovely seeing you at Wholefoods today. Very comforting. I thought you might be pleased to hear this information. I just received a phone call from Dr. Soram in regards to heavy metal levels in my body. In April right before I did the Pancha Karma. My tissue levels were at 20.6 for Lead and 8.4 for Mercury. I did another tissue test last week and my Lead levels are at 5.4 and Mercury at 2.2. I know the Pancha Karma cleanse had so much to do with the changes. I am so pleased.

Anna G.

I entered into my Panchakarma treatment without many preconceived notions of what the next week of my life was going to be like. I know that I needed a treatment to restart my body, and reconnect my mind to my body, especially after having given up smoking after ten years. I felt like I needed my insides to be scrubbed out, and to figure out a way that I could settle into my body again. I was not prepared for the depth of the experience I had.

Arun’s treatment brought me through a seven day process of wrapping a cocoon around my body, my heart, my mind and my spirit and then allowing a new creature to gently re-enter the world in a way that was more connected to my true self.

There is no way to differentiate between the physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional parts of this path and journey. To a large extent, the journey was a rebirth with intention. I had the most significant spiritual experiences of my life during the week long treatment, and was able to actively engage in creating a path that was going to allow me to be more me.

The treatment itself is a process of moving the toxins from all over your body to concentrate them in your digestive tract, and then release them from your body. The massage allows the physical movement of the toxins, and the environment that is created during the treatment creates the space for meditation to do the same for your spirit and heart.

The treatment is powerful because of the skilled facilitation of the process by Arun and his co-practitioners. They create a warm and loving environment into which to escape from the city and find the space to go through this process in a supported way. The ancient traditions and practices are carried into our daily life in a way that creates the openings for one to walk through.

In order to truly take advantage of the treatment, get yourself ready for transformation and then surrender yourself to the experience itself. This is better than any spa treatment, spa retreat, or other practice that exists to create the conditions to reconnect with yourself and your body. This will allow you to lay the foundation to come back to yourself, see yourself, be yourself with intention. And then it is your work to live that after you have emerged from the cocoon.


I began working with Arun Deva 3 months ago and the results already have been fantastic! I’d been having digestion/elimination problems for almost 25 years, even being hospitalized as a teenager for a spastic colon. I tried countless formulas & therapies over the years but continually felt defeated & impaired in this area.

A friend told me about her own work with Arun which piqued my curiosity and I decided to get a consultation. This led to his recommendation of a pancha karma. It is a week long cleansing & rejuvenation treatment and has been without question, the best thing I have ever done for my health & spiritual well-being.

Equally as beneficial has been the formula he made for me following the treatment. My intestinal health has never been better. It has been, of course, up to me to follow the proper diet, exercise, rest & meditation but Arun’s healing practices have been a blessing and I am tremendously grateful for our work together.

Beth H
Los Angeles

I have been very lucky to have Arun in my life – sometimes as a healer, sometimes as a teacher and always as a trusted friend.  I have seen Arun once a week during the last four or five years for yoga therapy and private yoga lessons.  In the beginning we focused on a chronic problem that I had with my shoulder.  I had tried massage and chiropractic care without any long term results.  Arun created an individual yoga practice to address my pain and stiffness.  I felt much better after doing the yoga sequence and within a few months of daily practice my symptoms had disappeared.  Throughout the years I have had feelings of stiffness and pain in other parts of my body, and Arun has been able to use yoga therapy to address the hurts and prevent them from becoming chronic problems.  And maybe more importantly, over the years, Arun has helped me understand yoga asana practice and the mechanics of my body so that I can make adjustments to my own practice in order to address the minor aches and pains of everyday life.  Arun has a special ability to heal with yoga therapy.  I think it comes from his own rich history with extraordinary teachers, his depth of understanding that comes from his own long-standing practice and his innate ability to be a gentle, trusting and genuine person…he truly comes from the heart.

Lori Z.

I have been a regular client of Arun Deva’s for a couple of years.  After attending one of his workshops in Pasadena, my wife and I realized that his Ayurvedic approach to health, which includes diet, lifestyle, herbs, and yoga/ exercise, was exactly the type of alternative medicine we were looking for.
Of all of the services that Arun offers, I found the Panchakarma to be the most effective.  My most pressing ailment has been a stomach and intestinal problem, accompanied by severe stomach pain, and high levels of heart burn and stomach acid.  In order to counteract this issue, Arun had me take herbal supplements, change my diet, and had me do a Panchakarma.
Panchakarma is a powerful cleansing process that involves massage, steam, shirodhara (pouring of warm oil on the forehead), and basti (a type of enema).  This therapy also includes a diet of Kitchari, which is the primary food source during this purification.  My panchakarma was only a five day cleanse, and I started feeling its effects within the first couple of days.  The incredible release of toxins brought me a swell of relaxation, and well-being that I had not felt in a long time.  During the panchakarma, Arun also created an atmosphere of comfort and assurance.
Since completing the panchakarma, and implementing Arun’s diet and lifestyle changes, my stomach problems and overall health has dramatically improved, and I am a stronger person for it.  Arun Deva is a master at what he does, and I feel extremely grateful to have someone of his wisdom and compassion in my life.

Eric Smith
Los Angeles

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I was very pleased to be able to work with Arun in a 5 day panchakarma finishing a week ago. I am still feeling the benefits and and results from this transforming experience.

    Heading into this cleansing process, I was unsure of what to expect and how I would be feeling. Arun and Nomi were so kind, nurturing and caring throughout the whole process that I felt safe, comfortable and connected to them.

    My greatest feeling in completing the panchakarma is a remembering of myself. It feels as if I am a small child again in my body, mind and spirit. It is like I have found that sense of who I am and a comfort in knowing that I am renewed to my natural state of being.

    I am very grateful to Arun for his compassion and expert guidance through this amazing treatment. I would recommend panchakarma to anyone that is in need of a restart to their life or would just like to renew themselves.

  2. I would also like to commend Arun Deva as he put me on a path to healing at the ripe age of 63. As a result of his treatment my MD proclaims me healthy and she literally ran every test in the book on me to alleviate any misconceptions I had. The shocker was that the Lyme test was negative. Her last words to me were just to accept that I am healthy. Visible signs of this are that I am no longer allergic to penicillin. The allergist who tested me for this also commented that I looked healthy. This was without a prompt. I also had a retreatment of a root canal which was given a high failure prognosis. It turned out to be a success and two years later the area of bone loss above the tooth which was larger than the tooth itself has remineralized completely. The endodontist has plans to have the report published in an endodontic journal.

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