The Sanctuary of Our Practice (poem)

On that hardwood floor as the morning breaks
The first seated breath and the settling in
The weight drops low, just an anchor now
And the heart rises, taking its role as mind.

This then, a sanctuary, as the world becomes small
Smaller than the space in a room so quiet
Students trickle in and the breath is multiplied
Energy sheds its clothes and reveals: tranquility.

Some simple words, the first revealing stretch
The breath moves deeper and suddenly you know
Yes, Prana is so much more than a breath
It is communication unraveled, from cell to cell.

This Prana moves from teacher to student
The room infused, the practice takes shape
The breath stays soft, stays deep, stays strong
The poses interlink, pause and flow, all currents.

From sitting to standing to backbends to sitting
All cycles begin and end in each other, one life
All lives are expressed and all matter shows its energy
All moments in this moment, take this room with you.

This sanctuary, make it your life,
This world, make it your room
With the hardwood floors
With the settled breath communicating
Always peace, always peace.

3 thoughts on “The Sanctuary of Our Practice (poem)

  1. The space (Akash) opens with the breath (prana)
    My heart fires (agni)…tears (apas) of joy
    My feet embrace the earth (prithvi)
    Hail to Maha Bhuti!
    Om Shanti Shanti

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