Like a Moth To A Flame


A moth dances with fire and light

Then it is in there…and still.

We dance with fire but never step in.

A moth is chasing its destiny

As we are running from ours

Into the same circles as ever.

Come to the light, to the fire

Let it burn you to a cinder

Taking your karmic body

A guru is like the fire

Transforming you to light,

What’s left is charred ashes

Perhaps the moth knows

The fire it seeks is enlightenment

All else is illusion

We seek our gurus in Temples

In Churches, Mosques and Holy Places

The moth ENTERS its heart

There is Fire where we fear

And Light where we know

The Fire is our Light.

The truth is always in love

Find it where you can

Then let it burn you.

The pathway to yourself

Is through your resistances

Through your hopes and dreams

Once burnt like a moth

What is there to fear?

Only the looking down

On the ashes you have left

Behind you as guides

To those who seek the Light

It is through Fire

The moth knows

Like a moth to a flame I go.

Puja on the Ganges in Varanasi


1 thought on “Like a Moth To A Flame

  1. Namaste Arun,
    What a beautiful story of the unfolding of your journey, and your elevation to new heights of expanded awareness and perception. You are an inspiration to many, and I thank you for sharing. I look forward to attending your workshops and functions more in the future, as my schedule loosens up. Sending much love and light!

    Prem and Om,


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