The Dimensions of Warrior Pose!

Vīra: Fierce.
Bhadra: Friend.
Āsana: To embody.
To embody your warrior. To make it a friend to the oppressed.
In this workshop, we will explore the various dimensions of Warrior Pose.
We will begin with its mythological roots. Understand its healing, strengthening, and physical benefits through practical explorations: 4 versions! Explore the pose dimensionally: as therapeutic, as protective, as strengthening, as disciplined, and finally we will end in the prayer of the warrior.


Sat Nov 5th. 8AM PT/9AM MT
$27 Early Bird  / $36 after Oct 31st.

Āsana in Yoga: Relevance of Yoga Sutras

Relevance of the Yoga Sutras

Starts April 9 2020!

Is āsana yoga?
Of course not, says, well, everybody? But really? If that is so, why do we act as though it is? Why is a yoga class all āsana, with perhaps a little lip service to prānāyāma, a little somber chanting and sitting for, umm, 5 minutes, trying to look serene?

The truth is, we need āsana. We need it because our bodies crave movement. They even crave movement in groups of people. The sangha of it. Yes, we can exercise anywhere and in so many other ways, but āsana gives us something we do not get elsewhere and it brings a specific sense of satisfaction to the mind. A serenity, if you will. And our minds crave that as much as our bodies crave movement.

So then, imagine what all the other limbs would do for us if we practiced them just as diligently!

While the ultimate goal of the Yoga Sutras is absolute peace, within the 8 limbs lie incidental fruits. Practitioners begin to live more ethical, empathetic and kinder lives.

Yoga is not just a philosophical science, it also is a most practical one that has resisted becoming a religion and remained more of a philosophy, and a higher science!

And as a philosophy, it is very practical! As my teacher would emphasize, ‘yoga is not an armchair philosophy’

To truly understand this, one must study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Wherein, for those who are so seeking, lie answers to our day to day dilemmas.

This relevance is found mostly in the second chapter. But it is meaningless without the context of the beginning of the first chapter and the beginning of the third. When read this way, it gives us the motivation to begin, continue, or go deeper; into our practice of yoga.

Whether you have never heard of them but wish to now or whether you have been practicing for years and are searching for that one more insight that will catapult you to the next stage, that is where I want to meet you.

As my teacher did me.

Staying in our āsana

Workshop Details & Registration

The Yoga Sutras are about the tradition of yoga. They clearly define the goal, the practices and the path. Although the paths and practices are numerous, the final goal is singular. It is peace of mind.

The transformation of patterns into essence.
To find ourselves and come to peace.

  • 4 Fridays: April 9, 16, 23 (no class on 30) and May 7.
  • 5-7 pm PST / 6-8 pm MST
  • $125 for all 4 sessions. Sessions will be recorded and shared each week and available for a further month post event.
  • Focuses on select passages of Chapter I and III and the complete II

Get in early and save 10%! $25 deposit saves your seat and gets you 10% off until April 2nd. Space limited. No refund on deposit.
TEACHERS: Please ask about special rates for your yoga and YTT students and how to get yourself comped!


For context on our approach to the YS, read here:
Yoga. Āyurveda. Buddhism.


Masterclass in Ayurvedic Cooking.

Sunday July 11th.
3 chefs share some of their favorite easy to make dishes, prepared based on Ayurvedic principles.
Details coming soon!

A Love Letter To Humanity

Friends, if you have a moment, I would like to share what is coming up for me in this strange new time as I sit in lockdown in India. Kamala and I are actually so content here but…we do miss home. And all of you. So, chomp down if you can…perhaps ten minutes. Browse if you wish, I have highlighted bits in each paragraph. It is finally a love letter. Please read it as one!


Or: Dancing With Our Lives 

This do I know. We are quite capable of immense suffering.
We are also quite capable of absolute peace.

As to suffering, as a species we have the uniqueness to suffer consciously. Which means we can do something about it beyond the ability to survive it, to find treasured moments of pleasure despite it, and to lose ourselves in hard work that brings us great satisfaction while we do it. If, in fact, we strive further, we actually have the consciousness necessary to minimize our suffering by serving others, by seeking universal shared truths, and by clearing our addled, clutter-patterned brains full of small and large traumas, so they stop showing us the whole world as a mirror of ourselves but instead turn their gaze inwards, the only place we do not need a mirror.

And as to Absolute Peace, it is supposed to be easiest for us amongst all Earth’s species, to know this truth. Yet only a handful, a drop in the ocean if you will, can actually achieve it. This should, however, never discourage us from seeking it; if we do, eventually we will become that drop in the ocean of bliss. And for every tiny step we take along the path we do relieve just a little bit of our suffering. And that journey, in itself, is a reward we can allow space for.

We can choose how we dance with our lives.  
Let us, for a moment, identify four dances available to us.

The first is to dance with nature. She has a powerful gravitational pull. If we align with her rhythms and pay attention to her behavior, and partake of the feasts she prepares for us in the forests and fields, rivers, lakes and oceans, in her towering mountains and her deep valleys, in her coldest regions and in her heated deserts; and treat her as a Goddess, she teaches us how to live in peace as we are now.

Alternatively, we can dance with our spirit. It resists gravity, rising like an electromagnetic field chasing some heavenly goal, constantly tempting us away from our daily lives. This dance results in renunciation of nature and a seeking of rarefied regions where the default is minimal suffering and maximum joy. At least for a while. As all is temporary till we stop ‘being’, of course.  Where we, like an onion, shed all our layers till what is left behind is nothing, having in fact, ourselves dispersed into everything!

The third dance is when we dance both with nature and our spirit! Let us call this the middle way. It requires immense skill. It is not as simple as tuning a violin. It is more like walking a tightrope. Or riding a bucking horse. For the two, nature and spirit, tend to move away from each other, having diametrically opposite trajectories. It takes great skill to turn our nature humble enough to let spirit lead it in our worldly dance.
So then we dance with matter, the physical world as it manifests; and at the same time with the spirit world from whence we actually arose. Where this and that are both complete. In a rational world it is not cognate but in the world of intuition, it is easily cognized as this is that so of course each is complete! For they are the same once the illusory walls come tumbling down and matter dissolves back into spirit.

The fourth and last dance is with our Mind. Now, I do not mean the Heart-Mind, our place of stillness, which we will come to, but the Ego-Mind. The self-created mind. The lord of the discordant dance. The one with arrogance towards nature and ignorance of spirit! The one that cannot align with either and dances jerkily out of step with all other beings around it, and in its delusion believes itself thus superior! As the Doors would famously say: ‘I’ve been down so long, it looks like up to me’.

This love letter is first to the Heart-Mind then.
It is to say ‘Awaken’. You see, in our human experience, love is pathos. It is an emotional response. We stir up the emotions with tragic love stories like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Samson and Delilah’ and ‘Laila Majnu’. Love punishes the human experience here. Or as in fairy tales (Disney and Bollywood have mastered this), where tremendous suffering is done for the sake of love and as soon as the love is ‘gained’, we stop the story. Perhaps we all know what comes next but would like to believe in ‘happily ever after’.

It is due to the Ego-Mind, formed of our various life experiences, including ones in the womb and, as per some, brought forth through both genetic disposition and previous lives of our mind-complex, that we identify with most, that we stop from witnessing our Heart-Mind, the place of still awareness. Perhaps this was not always as true as it is now. Our ancient texts tell us of a purer, more innocent time. But an accumulation of centuries of traumas running rampant like invisible microbes in a too-busy-lest-we-remember-it-all society may have hastened a time when we are incapable of loving innocently any more. And yet we yearn for it with every fiber of our being.

This love letter is also to Nature then and our dance with it, a thing of beauty and joy.

To our Spirit, that dwells secretly within us, never entering into fear (as one author puts it: never interfering, which is to say never entering ‘into-fearing’) and it is to our Heart-Mind which is the gift of our larger spirit to our fractured, conditioned, individualized spirit: a guide if you will on how to navigate this life with love.

What is the Heart-Mind then? Some call it our Original Nature. If it is true, then our original nature is innocent, it is creative and it is joyous. It has no space for fear, for anger, for grief. In fact we may say, over time we lose our connection to it so that our innocence curdles into anger, our creativity dries into fear, and our joy congests into grief and all three move like erratic electric currents within us, causing us to jerk around like puppets in the hands of an inebriated master!

Our Heart-Mind then is the one that travels through life after life seeking authenticity and more often than not, finds artifice and pretense: a mass gathering of negative life experiences based on fear, anger and grief.

This love letter must of course also be to our Ego-Mind. It is not correct to want to destroy it, as we cannot without ourselves disappearing prematurely, rather it is correct to teach it how to dance!  How to dance the body and the spirit to the music of no fear. To abandon the blockages to our inner muse in the forms of lust, of greed, of thievery, of gluttony, of malice and of many other such demons we carry perversely from life to life. How do we abandon them then? We replace moments of lust with admiration. We replace greed with gratitude. We replace theft with anonymous gifts to the downtrodden. We replace gluttony with mindful-joy for a tasty morsel of simple, home cooked food shared with each other. We replace malice with random acts of kindness as some wise one once advised us to. And most importantly of all, we replace fear with love. A love built of kindness, compassion and wisdom.

What then stops us? Stops us from building this healthier Ego-Mind that can humbly seek guidance from the Heart-Mind, seek peace and awe in Nature, seek freedom in recognizing itself ultimately as Spirit?

What stops it is perhaps nothing more than it does not trust itself. We do not trust ourselves. Trust ourselves to be stronger than the imposed-upon-us patterns we carry around like a ball and chain.

The Buddha said that poverty is the greatest crime. For me, I know clearly in my bones, in my marrow, that this is truth.  We are neither animal nor gods. But we can easily sink back into our animal nature. And we can strive to rise to divinity. We have to practice what the yogin call pratipakśa bhāvanam. Replacing negative energy with positive energy. Until we learn how to balance between the two. Right there, where left disappears into right, right into left and both positive and negative charges rest in a soft hum of quietude, where we become engines of love, having left our fears behind. For there is only incomplete love where fear exists.

This is finally, my love letter to you and to me. May we trust each other enough to not be judgmental.  And to trust ourselves eventually, as it is ourselves we truly judge the most when we judge the other.

A NOTE: Healing the Heart workshops are by necessity postponed. None of us know for how long. We are working on an online version. Shorter perhaps. A day spent together. Sharing as we would in a classroom or studio. For those who have signed up for consults when we visit your city, please know we can meet online. All prices will, of course, be adjusted to accommodate our new realities.

The next one we are hoping we can do in person is scheduled for the end of May in Encinitas. I am praying together we can manifest an end to this new reality by then and enter a new reality of closeness that can only truly arise from us having come close to losing it.

The heart is alive. In fact, it brings life to us with each pulsation, sending rivers of prāna flowing through our plasma, blood, muscle, fat, skeleton, marrow and finally, our vital reproductive juices. There it transforms into our very essence itself or leaves us to form a new life with another beautiful heartbeat singing its song!

This heart that is the fiery sun of our own universe, is ever producing our minds through its sensory rays and clear light! Mind as it spreads its venous tentacles to every sense organ so that we can fully experience the world around us. Mind that extends instinctively down into our bellies, so we vicariously feel each perceptive truth as a somatic experience. And mind, like a tree, sends its rising branches upwards to form our brain. Where we think, imagine, reason and occasionally perceive the highest truths.

And yet, we imprison this heart behind gates of arrogance, lust, hatred, greed, jealousy and pride. And we subject it cruelly to fears, unjustly to angers and unmercifully to grieving.

Our hearts are the key to our lives. Heal our heart and we heal our mind. In healing the mind we finally discard the undigested toxins of fear, anger and grief. And spontaneously and oh so creatively, the heart sings its joy and its simple innocent declaration- know me and know peace.

Upcoming Healing the Heart Workshops

February 22-23: Yoga Bungalow, San Juan Capistrano, CA
visit website »

This workshop was the only one that did indeed take place. We had a full room and a lot of aha moments of the heart.

April 17-19: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, No. CA
visit website »

Hosted by Maria Radloff.
Under Teacher, put your favorite teachers’ name so they get credit for it.
Also be sure to book your consults Early as there will not be that many available this time around.
visit Maria’s website »

Hosted by Jutta Hech and Myriam Machado Baker. In Encinitas, CA
Email adretreats@gmail.com to sign up or learn more.
Space is very limited! And 5 spots already pre-booked!

In the Vedic tradition, the heart is the seat of emotions, of prāna and of our intrinsic immunity. It is also the origin of the mind and it is from the heart that the mind as emotions moves towards the brain for intellectual understanding and the gut for instinctive behavior. If we free our emotional seat from the siege of its enemies: fear, anger and grief then the rightful emotions of playfulness, innocence and joy rule supreme once again. It is a journey of remembrance. One we should all take together. Yoga and Āyurveda show us the way to do so.

The Heart as Seat of Mind
The Qualities of the Heart: Creativity, Innocence and Joy
Understanding Heart Disease Through Āyurveda: Treating Through Yoga
The Enemies of the Heart: Fear, Anger and Grief
The Allies of the Heart: Resolve, Patience and Faith
Practicum: Emotional Intelligence Yoga Practice: Healing The Heart/Healing The Mind

More Healing the Heart Workshops to come later this year. If you would like to host one or know of a studio in your community that would, please let me know!

 A heart to heart prayer:

May we together be each others protection.
May we together nourish each other.
May we together become each others strength.
May we together become wise.
May we always be friends.
May we support each other in finding peace.

May your breath always be at peace!


the yogi’s journey to india~
the forest & the river

FALL 2019
October 2nd-16th

The Yogi’s Journey to India

Into the Forest,
By the Sacred River

Week One: The forest retreat
Week Two: The sacred river
$3200 Early Bird. Based on double occupancy.
Single Occupancy +$500
Deposit by June 15th. Complete payment by July 30.
$3500 Regular Price (After June 15)*
Single Occupancy +$500*

The magic of the Corbett National Park is where we begin. Tucked into a luxurious hideaway with delicious, homegrown organic meals, a lodge, a magnificent yoga hall and surrounded by the call of the wild. We spend a week here learning how to personalize our yoga and fit it into an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ganges. The sacred river. At Rishikesh, one of the most vibrant, colorful stops along this holy river, we find her here as pristine as she can be, having just descended from her source. It is here that the great rsi’s of yore meditated. We will visit the temple where Siva swallowed the poison to save the world, the cave where Sage Vashishta did his meditation and celebrate the river every morning and evening with songs and fire. Here we will find the deeper meanings of yoga, for many say this is its root home and we will see it in all its colors!

Registration and Information: ADRETREATS@GMAIL.COM


Delhi: October 2-3

Arrive in Delhi, the capitol of India. You will be met at the airport. Spend a couple of days getting grounded. Includes a visit to the Lotus Temple for meditation. A drive around town. A lovely dinner at Arun’s family home…

and some good shopping to get you vetted into the ways…

Onwards to Corbett National Park: October 4-8

JJRetreat is a luxurious hideaway in the verdant Corbett National Park. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Corbett is the most prominent wildlife sanctuary in India. Two jeep safaris are included that show you a rich variety of flora and fauna. Although a tiger sighting is rare, many species of deer and birds abound. In the distance you may see a herd of elephant when we pass through shallow grass.

The rustic cottages at JJR specialize in richly decorated tapestries and furnishings and all the comforts of home (except TV:). The cafe and restaurant serve exquisite food. Much of it provided by an organic garden brimming with vegetables. And the local cows, from their own backyards, provide fresh milk daily. The riverbed and adjoining village make for some excellent hiking. Here, in the magnificent yoga hall we will deepen our studies and begin the process of creating personal yoga practices that go from kriyas to asana to pranayama to meditation and contemplation. Practices that we bring home as a forever gift from India.

Rishikesh: October 9-14

Among all the sacred towns along the Ganges, Rishikesh is closest to its wild mountain waters. This holy town straddles both sides of the river, connecting mainly through two suspension bridges. The town is a haven for both tourists and ascetic holy men. Brimming with temples, artisan shops, local vegetarian restaurants, even an Italian pizza house, it will home us for 5 nights.

Here, we will do evening pujas,

hike to a legendary sage’s cave, optionally river raft, but most important of all we will worship the river and bring a deeper dimension to our yoga practice: that of chanting and worship. We will learn the true meaning of surrender is to find the joy of acceptance!

Delhi: October 15/16

Having taken the evening train from Rishikesh on the 14th and settling into our hotel, we wake up to our last day in India. A chance to catch our breath or do last minute shopping before taking a night flight home. Please note, most night flights leave after midnight and thus would officially be the 16!

The Retreat officially ends and India awaits any fearless explorers who wish to do more. YogaRasayana’s trusted travel agents are available to help with this!

Fine Print

The above prices include the following:

  • All group travel as stated. This includes all listed air and land travel during the Retreat. This specifically includes all group road travel to Corbett, Rishikesh and train from Rishikesh to Delhi. Any personally requested additional travel would be at your cost.
  • Airport pick up and drop off in Delhi.
  • Lectures and all yoga sessions. .
  • Visit to Vasishta Gupha in Rishikesh.
  • Visit to Neelkantha Temple in Rishikesh
  • 2 jeep safaris at Corbett.
  • Shared Double Occupancy Cottages at JJR, Corbett. (Single Room Occupancy prices will be significantly higher and subject to availability.)
  • Shared Double Occupancy Rooms in Rishikesh (Single Room Occupancy prices will be significantly higher and subject to availability.)
  • Shared Double Occupancy Rooms in Delhi (Single Room Occupancy prices will be significantly higher and subject to availability.)
  • All meals at JJR. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Breakfasts only in Delhi and Rishikesh.
  • While at most lodging facilities, WiFi is included, be aware that we cannot guarantee its availability and quality.

What is NOT included:

  • Airfare/travel not specifically included above, including to/from your own starting and ending destinations, whether in the Americas, Europe, India or elsewhere.
  • Optional river boat rafting in Rishikesh.
  • Any additional excursions taken either as a group or individually that are not expressly mentioned above.
  • Massages at JJR (we have arranged special pricing but take no responsibility for quality of same.)
  • Optional additional jeep safaris (two are included)
  • Optional Ayurvedic massages in Rishikesh. We will arrange special prices at an authentic clinic.
  • Additional costs you may incur as a result of taking this trip including but not limited to passports, visas and other incidentals.
  • Additional incidentals you may incur such as laundry, phone calls, internet, alcoholic beverages, any foods or drinks not specifically covered above, or any items of a personal nature that are not expressly mentioned above.
  • All meals not expressly mentioned above.
  • Any transportation not expressly included above.
  • Any additional expenditure not expressly covered above whether of an individual nature or voluntarily as part of a group.
  • Tipping. (We will pool tips for Group Tipping wherever applicable. We estimate this to work out to around $75 total per person)
  • *Double Occupancy rates are based on a shared twin bed room. The Retreat organizers are not responsible for providing you a roommate. If two single people apply separately, the organizers will put each in touch with the other as a courtesy only.
Registration and Information: ADRETREATS@GMAIL.COM



We will study, practice, sightsee, travel, shop and imbibe yoga.

Registration and Information:


May 31-June 2: Yoga Therapy for the Mind
Temecula, CA


June 21-23: Ayurvedic Psychology
Online Course/Sevanti Institute

August 16-18: Yoga & Ayurveda Philosophy
Oniine Course/Sevanti Institute

Moksha Festival

June 28-30:
Saturday at 9am: Sattvavajaya Cikitsa: The Conquest Of Truth
Frazier Park, CA Get 25% off by using code YOGARASAYANA

Sept 6-8 2019: Relevance of Yoga Sutra

Salt Lake City