India Testimonials

“I would like to express my joy for the gift of having participated in this amazing “India Sprit Tour”, in February 2012. Every marvelous site we’ve visited, the Sacred Places and the Temples, everything we’ve been sharing with the group during those days, are unique and precious gifts I will always carry in my heart.  I wish, specially, to express my deepest gratitude to my beloved teacher, Arun Deva, for his insightful and skillful guidance, and the deep knowledge and wisdom he shared with us. It is thanks to his utter kindness and wisdom, that it has been possible for us to delve into the richness and diversity of the Indian culture, as well as into the ancient and precious tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda.” ~Nancy Hitzanidou

“I cannot imagine two more wonderful souls to travel to India with – Arun and Jutta are truly guides in the true sense of the word.  Their deep knowledge and passion for Mother India, her people, her culture, her history, yoga, and ayurveda – everything India has to offer, is very evident. The 2014 trip is a trip not to be missed.  Don’t think about it – just do it!  It will be your golden memory for the rest of your life.
Om namah sivaya, Abby (a 2-times fellow traveler with Arun and Jutta)” ~ Abby Geyer

“I have been blessed to be able to travel to India as a participant of both a 2010 and 2013 YOGARASAYANA INDIA RETREAT. Each trip offered healing, learning, and adventure in so many different ways and the added bonus of making new lifetime friends increases the value of my experience to priceless!  I look forward to the next retreat I will be able to attend.” ~ Tanya Price

“There are many ways to see and experience India – and Arun helped make my first (and second!) trips to India extraordinary. From personal experience, he know where to go – both to the well-known “must-see” sights and to some amazing off-the-beaten-path temples and destinations that add layers to an already great adventure. With Arun, I enjoyed my trips both as travel adventure and on a deeper, more spiritual level. Arun and Jutta together have a great knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and India. Traveling and learning with them makes a trip to India an experience of a life time.” ~ Jacquelin Sonderling

“Ahhh, India! Amazing sites, colors, smells and  joyous people, but what made our journey most amazing was the friendships we formed that will last a lifetime. Arun made sure every moment was filled with something that would benefit either our mind, body or spirit.  After the sheer bliss of our first journey in 2012, there was no doubt we would return in 2013.” ~Valerie and Brian Smith

“There are no better guide to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Mother India than Arun Deva and Jutta Hecht! They took us to beautiful, secret places I could never have found on my own, was able to customize the trip on the fly in response to immediate needs and desires, kept us out of trouble, and in addition, offered supreme teachings of Ayurveda and yoga, directly applying them to life! What more could you ask for? Namaste” ~Lindy Bostrom

“I have traveled many places throughout the world. I have NEVER experienced the pure joy I did on this retreat to India in 2011! Without a doubt the most wonderful traveling experience I have ever had. A true privilege and an honor to be part of this group. My sincerest hope is to go back again in 2014. A life changing experience.” ~Joni Noceda

“Being part  of the retreat to India in 2011 was one of the most transforming experience of my life, a trip that deeply affected my mind, body and spirit.  The gifts I received have continued to enrich my interactions and choices in every aspect of my life.  Words can only superficially relay the deep peace I felt every morning listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean and the first bird songs of the day, the kindness and connection I felt with the people I met, the awe of being blessed and healed at Somatheram, and the joy of having this remarkable adventure with a group of people with loving and open hearts, minds, and spirits.  I am filled with gratitude to have had this opportunity!” ~ Tess O’Hern

“I had traveled to India many times but the time I shared with Arun brought a new meaning and significance to my travels. Not only was the daily yoga practice overlooking the sea peaceful and centering, our vedic studies were informative and enlightening. Exploring temples, bookstores, and markets of the area with Arun enriched my experience of the region. Meeting the sun and watching pilgrims wade in the water at the point where three oceans meet was truly moving. I look forward to my return. Namaste” ~ Erika George

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