Relevance of The Yoga Sutras: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times-Los Angeles

Yoga Sutras Patanjali with Arun Deva

February 23 – 24, 2019

Los Angeles

The Yoga Sutras are about the tradition of yoga. They clearly define the goal, the practices and the path. Although the paths and practices are numerous, the final goal is singular. It is peace of mind.

The transformation of patterns into essence.
To find ourselves and come to peace.

The legend is that the eternal serpent upon which rests pure consciousness was awakened by a restless moving of this consciousness and was sent to seek an answer to end all such restlessness. Through observing the dance of Śiva he discovered yoga.

The beauty is its recognition that as individuals we all seek the same goal but are unable to break our patterns because we cannot put a name to our restlessness. When yoga leads us to this answer we are set free.

In this short weekend immersion we will imagine the final goal as Patañjali may have and we will then explore how to adapt the path to our individual states of being, and our own world circumstances. We may find that though much has changed in practice, nothing has changed in principal.

Starting with the first chapter where the final goal is laid out in the first 15 sutras, we will jump to the second chapter to the practices for beginning the journey. Besides the traditional understandings of the classical commentaries, we will bring relevance to our own journeys here and now. And we will find how the traditional yoga can indeed infuse our modern practices.
This workshop is informed by a desire to show the huge potential of yoga and how āsana practice has the power to give us an inkling of this. When the āsana expands into something more, then we have begun the inner yoga.


10:00AM – Noon
1-2PM Lunch (provided)

8:00 – 11:00AM (The Practice of the 8 Limbs)
Noon-1PM Lunch (provided)
1 – 5:00PM


Private studio in Hollywood Hills
Limited attendance available
TO REGISTER OR or call 310.435.4197


$225 (Includes manual we will work from. Lunch both days+tea service. Please note lunch will be vegetarian, fresh and organic and tea service will include traditional Indian chai )

Arun teaching yoga students Arun teaching

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