But first…

FEB 19/20

Then, off to India again…
This may well be the most spontaneous visit home in as much as I still do not have a ticket, a firm date, an itinerary or any workshops scheduled!

There is great sublimity in surrendering to the certainty that this is going to happen. However,  I am not in conscious control of the unfolding of its events or even its timeline. There is, instead, a certain sense of “presence” to this.

I have known for a while that I am to go as the seeds for this visit were planted the last time I was there. It is a rather interesting story in and of itself and some day I will digest and then share it with my pen laptop…

For now, some of what may unfold:

A visit with my Bombay Mumbai family…

Incandescent Uncle & Aunt

Teaching with my dear friend, Mini Thapar…

At Om Yoga Studio, Delhi

Visiting Varanasi…

On the banks of the Ganga where Shiva meets Parvati

Visiting Rishikesh…

Aarti at Parmath Niketan

Shiva Shambho!

Hanging out at Somatheeram, in Kerala

Ah yes...

And definitely spending time with my Aunt Dolly in Delhi…

Somewhere in all this I see a great unfolding of ancient patterns…perhaps this trip is the Universe’s secret gift to me…may you all find your “secret gifts”…

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