In love, light and friendship…

On Thanksgiving 2013, my prayer is to all friends known and unknown, having met you in physical life or in cyberspace…thank you for your friendship!

Dear friend,

Some years ago I heard for the first time the phrase: “Love & light”
Actually, I saw it in something Dr. Lad (one of our greatest teachers) wrote.
It was such a gift.
What a joyous, uninhibited and completely selfless concept!
I decided there and then to make it my meditation.
Over the years I have learned to be less inhibited about passing it on.
More joyous every time I write it down for someone.
More grateful because gratefulness is not so much selflessness but rather, an expanding of the self to include others!
At this, as at all other times, I am eternally grateful for you, in whatever momentous, brief or passing moment I have had the pleasure of sharing with you. You expand me 🙂
In love & light,