Welcoming 2010…Moving Into March & April…

2009 was a year of great transformations…of shifts in energy…of almost constant, exhilarating travels…both internal and external…please see: Fall 2009 Rock’n’Ayurveda Tour & Stories From The Road as well as Love Spreads Like Magic, a tribute to my father,  for more…
As we enter March; having come home to roost for a little while
…as it unfolded, Jan and Feb manifested that intention…March now begins by continuing the trend…and the continuing growth is now at at an ever faster pace even while time itself seems to slow down to give each moment its own flavor and the “Svatantra” workshops begin to take on an evolving life of their own…then starting April, the road beckons again…and down the road, among other potentials is a couple of retreats in India coming up in Sept/Oct 2010…preceded by yearly pilgrimages to my other “new” homes…Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Nashville, New Jersey…the roost and travel bugs both bite this year!!!! I feel the Blessings of Shri Ma…

March 13/14: Ayurveda Immersion for
Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Rx Level II Program:

Yoga Therapy Rx

March 21: Svatantra: Alchemy Of Consciousness:
Private Event: Contact Jutta Hecht to inquire or sign up:
juttamariah@gmail.com/ 760.580.2524

March 27: Introduction To Vinyasa Krama: The Teachings of The Master
Living Yoga Center, Temecula

April 10: Ayurveda For Daily Living & Simple Home Remedies: Studio Seaside, Corona Del Mar

April 11:
Ayurveda For Daily Living & Simple Home Remedies: Sheri’s Studio, Torrance (Private Event)

April 15-18: NAMA Conference, San Mateo, CA:
Will be leading the Saturday morning Yoga.

April 24/25: Friends Of Ayurveda Presents Dr. Vasant Lad:
Marma: An Ancient Healing Technique Utilizing Key Energy Points
I am once again honored to lead the Ayur*yoga sessions.

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