It is like arriving home once again. This is my 5th trip here. The first 2 were with Shiva Rea and she too still brings her own Retreats to this haven on the Coast of Kerala. It is indeed a magnificent coast. Megan McCarver my dear friend and compatriot in Yoga and I did our own here last year and it was so very much due to the hospitality and graciousness of this Ayurvedic Beach Resort that it was so successful.
Driving in I am reminded strongly that though this is Kerala, which in so many ways is the closest India gets to being Ayurvedic, still has cities and cities in India still are surrounded by waste in open fields with cows and goats grazing through the rubbish, resplendent with shiny plastic bags. As we leave the city limits, the landscape opens up to joyous palm trees and quaint roads with the Kerala shopkeepers all smiling through their day. It is warm but not searing hot as I had expected. A good omen indeed.
At the Gates to Somatheeram and at the Reception Desk I am greeted with genuine warmth and I know I will continue to make  this my first choice for future India Retreats.

Driving in...

Flower arrangements & Evening Sitar Announcement 🙂

It is now my second day here. I am trying to finish all business so I can take a personal retreat over the next few days. My treatments have already started. The food as usual is delicious. Yet to go to the Ocean and feel her waves. With this I bid you all adieu till after…

At the entrance to Pancha Karma area

Ayurvedic Hospital Reception much more inviting, yes?

The Ayurvedic Pharmacy, actually...!

My Room

The Restaurant

Fishermen boats and ocean, view from the room and restaurant

So then, till later…safe journeys and peace accompany you in your lives… for now, I am hanging out…

Hanging out...even management is laid back! (They get the job done though...)

Hari Om!

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