Dec in SLC!

Dear Utah friends,

When Prana Yoga was getting set to close its doors, I asked Jennifer Ellen which studio I should now associate with.

Without any hesitation she said Dana Baptiste’s Centered City Yoga! And it seems she followed her own advice too… 🙂
So I am most glad to announce that I will be at Centered City Yoga first week of December.

As always there will be consults, follow ups, treatments, yoga therapy and workshops. I look forward to seeing all of you soon! For those of you wishing to avail of any of these, please know that consults/treatments fill up fast!
Please contact the studio to book yours at the earliest.

In love & light,

Sept/Oct is India!

Mumbai, India
September 27, 2014Yogarasayana: Yoga of Rejuvenation
September 28, 2014Ayurveda, Yoga, Health, Disease and the Modern World

New Delhi, India Oct 18/19:  Om Yoga Studios.
It is a lovely studio owned by my dear friend Mini Shastri. She has some very bright students and I look forward to sharing with them again. If you are in India or close by, please come join us.


End of October finds me in new territory but from what I hear, the south of France is going to be another dream come true…

There will be an Ayurveda Immersion for yogi`s at Yoga Evolution in Aix de Provence.

Ah Greece third visit to Mani to lead a week long Retreat and Immersion. If Greece has been calling you and you would like to spend a week immersing in her beauty while studying yoga and Ayurveda, click here for details.

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